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1. Who can I contact if my phone number, address or name is incorrect?

Contact your own telephone operator or the directory company of your telephone operator. All changes to the information in Elisa Haku must be done via a telephone operator or a directory company. In the case of company numbers, please send a request for contact to HelpDesk by e-mail: helpdesk(at)

2. What different ways are used to identify the user?

There are two alternatives to identify the client in the Elisa Haku-service: User codes + passwords, IP-address, IP-address and user code + password

3. How can I be sure that nobody uses the service and I get invoiced for that?

Keep the user codes and passwords in a safe place and separate from each other. When a client is identified by the IP-address, the client must make sure that no un-authorised persons can use the service with the same IP-address. It is not allowed to give an identified IP-address used by many companies as proxy-server, because then all who use the same proxy-server can get access to the service. If an unauthorised person use the clients IP-address, it is almost impossible for Elisa Haku-service to recognise a false user from the normal use of the client company.

4. Why don't I always find addresses or postal codes in the service?

Elisa Haku uses the database of Suomen Numeropalvelu Oy, the information of which is collected for their printed directory. For this reason, the information is in the same format as it is in the telephone directory. The subscribers of the telephone numbers have given the information they want published to their operator. If you want to change the contact information of your company, please contact helpdesk(at)

5. I received a text message from number 16505 but I don't know who sent the message?

The message has been sent by Elisa Haku's sending feature. In this case you can not see who has sent the message, so therefore it is most important to include the information of the sender. If you find the message unpleasant or offending, please contact HelpDesk so we can together determine the procedures to eliminate that kind of messages.

6. I can't call HelpDesk because it is a chargeable number, because I am abroad or I have a block to call service numbers. How can I get in personal contact with HelpDesk?

Please send an e-mail to (helpdesk(at) or go to the feedback page and leave a message, and we will contact you as soon as possible.